weather done the in-telligent way

In-telligent has created an alliance with various weather services, local governments and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) to be able to deliver the most comprehensive severe weather alerts possible. These alerts are sent to anyone in the danger zone with an audible alert that only the National Weather Service can emulate. For the first time, for no cost, you can ensure that you and your loved ones are kept as safe as possible during all incidents of severe weather, including lightning strikes!

Unlike dedicated weather apps, alerts are received even if cell towers are down. A received alert means:

  • the threat is real
  • the threat is imminent
  • you're directly in the danger zone and need to take action
Just by downloading In-telligent, you are automatically subscribed to this community. You will receive push notification when:
  • you're located directly in an affected area at the time a severe weather alert is issued
  • entering a threatened area during an active alert
In-telligent provides a built-in lightning detector called LightningAware that will alert you when you are located within 5 mi (8 km) of a ground-reaching lightning strike.


Additionally, search the following keywords under the Communities tab to receive other critical weather-related information:

  • Earthquake Alerts: Search "Earthquake Alerts" and subscribe to receive alerts for earthquakes 2.0+ for your preferred state or country.
  • Weather Warnings: Search "Weather Warnings" and subscribe to your local state to receive severe weather alerts for your area.
  • NOAA Alerts: Search "NOAA" and subscribe to your local state to receive all weather alerts issued by NOAA for that state.



    Weathermen can be wrong. In-telligent is always right.


    Weather Alert Service Partner

    In-telligent also brings together the most comprehensive team of professional weather forecasters and reporting agencies across North America. Sign up to receive alerts from these groups on the In-telligent app for areas where you live, work, or have loved ones:

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