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In-telligent Provides Confidential Support 24/7 at Your Fingertips

Having access to the resources you need in an emergency is so important. When you’re in trouble, not having to hunt around for the information can be so helpful for improving the likelihood of a positive outcome. Knowing that the connections you need are close at hand is comforting. This is particularly true when it comes to suicide prevention and assisting in cases of abuse. ..

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The #KidsFirstMovement Reunites Missing Children with Their Loved Ones In the US and Canada

EVERY PARENT’S NIGHTMARE…When a child goes missing, it can be a terrifying experience. You’re never really ready for it and it happens when you least expect it. Minutes can feel like hours when panic sets in. Waiting can be excruciating. If you’re the parent of a missing child, you want to know that everything possible is being done to reunite you with your child. In that crucial time after a child goes missing, clear, timely and complete communication becomes so very important. ..

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LightningAware Keeps Outdoor Fun Worry-Free With Audible Lighting Alerts

Over 20,000 people are killed around the world each year from lightning strikes, and another quarter of a million are injured! It’s safe to assume that the majority of these incidents come from people being unaware that lightning is nearby and that they need to take shelter. But In-telligent is changing all that with its new lightning detector feature, LightningAware. The app you can count on for life saving emergency communication makes lightning detection effortless. All you need is to be logged into your In-telligent account and if you are within 5 miles (or 8 kms) of a ground-reaching strike anywhere in the world, In-telligent will do the rest. It’s proprietary silent override feature will ensure you are always aware of the danger.  ..

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Emergency Communication, No Matter Where You Travel in the World

Overseas travel can be exciting. Having the chance to explore new countries, meet new people and have new experiences is so educational and fun. With all that exploration, you never know what is going to happen next. Sometimes the surprises are great, like the best food you’ve ever had, or the most majestic view you’ve ever taken in. Sometimes the surprises are less great. Like lost passports, suspicious activity, ending up in distress or finding yourself In the middle of an emergency.  ..

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Get Social With In-telligent: Enhance the Connection with Your Fans

There are many wonderful aspects of social media. It can facilitate connections that might not otherwise take place. Social media is a great way to connect with people who live far away, or people who share common interests who might not otherwise meet. It’s also a good for staying in touch with nomadic frequent travellers who may not otherwise have a fixed address. If you’ve ever wondered what happened to people in your past, social media can be an effective method of tracking them down. It’s so nice to catch up!


Unfortunately, there are also a lot of reasons that people don’t like social media. Trying to have a conversation with somebody preoccupied with whatever is happening on their phone can be frustrating. Having a connection online that doesn’t make its way offline can be disappointing. The illusion of a large social circle while still feeling lonely can be difficult. For a network that is supposed to be social, it can have the opposite effect.


Since both sides of this coin are true, it is important that an organization have a strong social media presence and use this platform responsibly. Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight. Businesses and organizations that invest time and effort in establishing themselves, change communication behaviors and learn new skills are the ones that see the most value. That initial investment pays off once those habits become ingrained into the organization's communication DNA. At that point, the process feels very simple and easy to use.


This simplicity leads to accessibility. Anyone can make a social media page and start publishing without a long term commitment. Thanks to the Internet of Things, trying a platform out is so much easier than ever before. Every organization should have some sort of social media presence. Facebook and Twitter for example have vastly different audiences and presentation styles. Spending time to consider the one that works best for your organization is important. While you are doing this, why not try In-telligent?


With In-telligent added to your social media presence, you can enhance the connection with your followers and fans but it’s even easier to set up and faster to learn compared to the other social media platforms. In-telligent’s unique notification system allows you to direct your followers and deliver your content outside of the other social media constraints. As an entirely free and easy to use platform, the costs are only your time, but the benefits are a better delivery system for your information. That’s return on investment!


With thousands of groups and is relied upon by a million subscribers, your company will be in good company. In-telligent is the smart choice to get you up and running in no time at all! While social media has its drawbacks, ultimately, connection is important and people are brought together through the magic of the internet. Friends and families, businesses and customers, In-telligent can connect everyone. What connections will you make today?



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In The Wake of Parkland, In-telligent Provides a Communications Solution

In the wake of the Parkland tragedy, there are many important conversations taking place about how to prevent future tragedies. Following the shooting, there were numerous threats at other schools, and lockdowns that ensued. Understandably, in all situations, there was panic, confusion and so many people trying to access timely and accurate information. ..

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