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AMBER Alerts. Everyone has gotten one on their cell phone and we can all agree, they are very effective. The ability to override the silent or do not disturb settings on a mobile device is perfect for emergency communication. 

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Almost everyone has some sort of routine - coffee in the morning, reading the paper on the train, going for a run after work, or maybe just watching the evening news. We use these routines to stay connected and create a sense of control. Everyone’s life is so full of distractions and needs/wants that these small routines provide a moment of calm during the daily confusion. But what about staying connected to the things that matter to you? Is that important enough to incorporate in to your routine? With In-telligent, it’s easy!

In-telligent is a communication App, available for download on your mobile device through the App or the Play Store, that is made up of hundreds of groups, or “communities,” including government entities, office and apartment buildings, stadiums, storm chasing groups, retail centers, and much more. Essentially, once you download the App and start subscribing to groups that are important to you, you will receive updates, messages, and alerts relative to the group delivered right to your mobile phone, making it easy to stay connected and informed. Weather-related communities share important alerts around changing weather conditions. Local government agencies share information that is important to citizens and residents. Police agencies use In-telligent to push out emergency alerts to keep people safer and better informed. Even the soccer coach can inform parents that the game location has changed quickly and easily through the platform. Additionally, In-telligent just introduced a new feature that allows you to communicate with loved ones when normal methods of communication have failed. When a call or text doesn’t get their attention, you can use In-telligent’s Personal Community feature to override a loved one’s silent setting to make sure your message is seen.

In-telligent provides a path for messages from the groups that you care about to get messages to your fast and first, but you still have to pay attention. That’s why building looking at In-telligent as part of your daily routine is so important! Whether you do it first thing in the morning, on your lunch break, after work, right before bed, or during each of these moments, making it a habit connects you with your communities and keeps you better informed.

When you connect and stay up to date on the things that matter to you, not only will you not to miss vitally important information, but you can also adjust your daily routine, if necessary. Having the best information available ensures that you make the right decisions. No one wants to be the last parent contacted when the coach needs you to come get your child from practice. No one wants to be the last to know about a changed meeting time for an important presentation. Having and routinely checking In-telligent ensures that you won’t be “that guy.”

No matter which communities you choose to subscribe to or how full your daily routine may already be, In-telligent needs to be incorporated into that routine today. Take control, be connected, be In-telligent.


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Urgently trying to reach someone when their phone is on silent can be horribly frustrating. In-telligent has been designed to ease this tension. Soon, through In-telligent's new Personal Community feature, you will be able to reach your loved ones during emergency situations, even when their phone is set to silent or do not disturb. When a phone call or text does not get their attention, In-telligent will ensure that your message is noticed immediately. ..

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With impression rates for unboosted or unpaid posts on Facebook significantly below 10% and less than 20% for Twitter users, it can be nearly impossible to get your information out to your current followers (yes, the ones that have already actively “liked” or followed your account).

Clearly, unless you pay Facebook, Twitter or one of these other platforms, the numbers are not in your favor. Making matters even worse, these platforms do not differentiate based on the type of message. As such, a normal update or informational post has the same distribution rates as a message sent from the Authorities on a matter impacting life-safety.

Imagine being a severe weather-tracking team that strives to help keep people safer. With the current Facebook impression rates, they cannot get weather alerts out to the people that need to see them; the people in harm's way. Illinois Storm Chasers (ISC), a storm chasing and forecasting team from Chicago, faced this exact issue but thinks that they have found a solution to their problems with In-telligent.

ISC tracks thunderstorms, tornadoes, wind, hail, heavy rain and flooding, extreme temperatures, and winter weather. Where once they could only share their findings through Facebook with all of their followers, now, with In-telligent's notification platform, they can deliver alerts directly to a follower’s mobile device, and they can even target their messages to users within the specific geographic regions, making their messaging all that more relevant.

Followers don't have to go to ISC's social media pages to find updates (which may or may not apply to them) because the updates are delivered straight to their mobile device. No more cluttered newsfeeds, no more refreshing pages in hopes of an update, no more trying to discern whether or not the threat is applicable to them. Likewise, when community members want to update or inform ISC of weather conditions, In-telligent offers a handy contact button to connect the member to the community manager.

In-telligent offers a much wider reach, statistically, than the social media platforms. Over 50% of In-telligent's subscribers see a message within the first few minutes, and if the message is especially urgent, this number approaches 100%! Compared to Facebook and Twitter when you're talking about something as critical as safety, these numbers are transformative.

In-telligent is now partnering with many social media-based storm chasing groups for these obvious (and potentially life-saving) reasons, but storm chasers are not the only ones that can benefit from In-telligent's services. Bloggers and vloggers that want or need to stay in contact with their followers can utilize In-telligent's features to maintain the connection and communication. Gamers can push urgent news to keep their followers abreast of critical current events and tips. Anytime you need to reach your subscribers first and fast, In-telligent provides the solution.

When you have something to share, especially when the matter of safety is in question, you can no longer trust social media platforms to help you spread your message effectively. Where Facebook may leave some serious gaps in your post's reach, In-telligent offers highly effective alerts and involvement with your community. Let In-telligent – the company that specializes in fast, effective, targeted communication – help you with your communication goals today.


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