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In-telligent Transforms the Social Media Experience for Social Media-Based Groups

With recently announced changes to the Facebook algorithms, businesses are concerned about their ability to reach their fans. They are worried about the potential increased cost of doing what they have always done: sharing quality content and valuable promotions. Facebook is de-prioritizing posts from group and businesses which have historically been important vehicles to deliver messages to a fanbase. For companies and publications, this means that the people who expressed an interest in receiving content are less likely to see it (and especially less likely to see it organically.) The good news is that In-telligent has a solution to this problem.


While Facebook’s new policies threaten to separate fans and customers from the information they seek, In-telligent delivers all of the content sent through their app to 100% of subscribers, every single time. As Facebook costs increase with a declining organic reach, page owners face increased advertising costs to reach their fans to the same extent. Fortunately, In-telligent’s notification and messaging platform remains free for groups and individual readers to enjoy. No advertisement is required to reach loyal followers. Everyone stays in the loop for free!


E-mail marketing is one solution that is proposed by many to counter the reduced capacity to reach consumers. The reality is that not all small businesses and publishers have the time or capacity required to implement such a strategy. With In-telligent’s ability to send notifications and messages to fans’ phones, the need for specialized and often complex email marketing software is reduced or eliminated. No more sifting through bounces, no more worrying about server reputation landing your message in a spam box, and no more confusing campaign automations. Just type and send!


These changes impact Facebook users in a number of different ways. For bloggers and publishers who are used to receiving income from sponsored posts and who use Facebook to drive traffic to their site, these changes can be alarming. Reduced traffic means reduced ad revenue and the value of even a sizeable follow is diminished. It’s a real worry for established communicators. In-telligent’s easy to use platform allows bloggers and publishers to notify their fans of posts “outside” of the Facebook system. This ensures that these followers know when important and interesting information has been put up on the page keeping traffic as high as possible.


Plus, In-telligent provides a revenue sharing opportunity to its customers as a “thank you” for building the platform - crazy wonderful. Publishers are compensated up to 12.5 cents per subscriber per month, depending on the volume of messages sent, simply by inviting their existing community to sign up to receive their posts on In-telligent. Sharing links through a platform where 100% of followers are reached also provides an add-value to proposals for sponsored content, increasing the worth of quality branded narratives by expanding reach through guaranteed delivery, every time.


Times are changing on Facebook, but there are solutions to the problems faced by publishers and small businesses. With an app that reaches all followers all the time, In-telligent provides an answer to the questions keping those who have relied on Facebook up at night. Through its opportunity to increase revenue by improved deliverability of content, and through revenue sharing based on platform subscribers, content creators and companies can rest easy. Facebook changes can be scary, but In-telligent holds the key to traffic stability and continued community growth. Use this powerful tool today and stay in touch with your fans! It really is a no-brainer.